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Only 40% of new carriers make it to their fifth year. We take the guesswork out of booking freight, building customer relationships, managing loads, and getting paid.

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We've been helping owner-operators take charge since 2019

We started as an owner-operator carrier ourselves, and learned the ins and outs of running a carrier before we started helping owner-ops start their own carriers. We built relationships with 6,000+ brokers, learned how to work with factoring companies to maximize carriers' chances of getting paid promptly, and identified the vendors who work best with owner-op carriers.

Starting a carrier is hard, and many owner-ops don't make the leap successfully. The TrueNorth App is the product of the hard-won lessons and relationships from running our own carrier and from helping hundreds of new carriers through their journeys.

We think every owner-op deserves to be treated like the CEO of their business. We help them take charge through our all-in-one mobile app, which shares the lessons we've learned the hard way and gives them access to resources normally reserved for large carriers.

Our mission

Profits to truckers

Truckers do -- in our humble opinion -- the lion's share of the work in the industry. We think that means they should capture the lion's share of the profits. To do that, they must navigate a maze of fragmented vendors and systems that don't talk to one another. TrueNorth changes the game by providing a single app to replace all other apps, giving carriers a single place to manage their entire business.


Our CEO and her cousin Tom on launch day

Letter from our CEO

We come from a family of truck drivers. When my grandparents started trucking in the 80s, they had two options: work for a big fleet that scheduled their loads and offered steady (but paltry) pay, or go out on their own and haggle for every load they could find. They conducted their business by phone and by mail. They’d only recently heard about the newfangled “fax machine”. They filed their fuel taxes by hand each quarter. They balanced their books in a giant ledger.

40 years later, little has changed. My cousin Tom has the same two options: work for a fleet and have zero control over his pay and schedule, or operate independently and struggle with inefficiency. He still operates primarily on phone calls and mail. Most tools in the industry are clunky at best, predatory at worst.

We’re changing that.

My cofounder Sanjaya and I started TrueNorth because we saw a hole in the industry: there are trucking companies, and there are tech companies, but there aren’t tech companies with trucking roots. We have an unfair advantage. We grew up with truckers, we know what they need, and we can build it. We’re building the tools that Tom — and hundreds of thousands of other independent truckers — deserve to run their business.

- Jin Stedge
TrueNorth CEO

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